Texes: the French pay 29-percent we pay 22-percent

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  1. This is how an average income couple with two kids fare in the USA versus France.

    Now let's see what each get for their monies
    IN the USA:
    - we get a 'strong' military and wars
    - we get debilitated roads and bridges
    - virtually no public transportation
    - non-responsive asshole congress

    in France
    - they get FREE college
    - they get FREE health care
    - they get ~30-days vacation
    - generous unemployment
    - great transportation system

    Now who, pray tell, is getting it's money's worth and who is getting fucked royally?

    I for one would pay the difference for all that the frenchies are getting.....

    "Stupid Frenchies!"

  2. I speak fluent French, I lived in France.
    France has the worst form of socialism known to mankind. They don't believe in equality of chances, they believe in equality of results., so if you're an average person with no or little ambition, France is just what the doctor ordered.

    As far as I'm concerned, God Bless the USA.
  3. Most people in the USA are average, joe the six-pack with little or no ambition, they just want to raise their families, have some safety net and not becoming the next George Soros, like many on this forum.....
    Most of the "poison" capitalism feeds people is a myth and bull crap, you have as little chance to become rich in today's US of A as winning the lotto. Selling "opportunities", in itself is a ML (multi level) marketing ploy and a multi billion dollar business, nothing else....most of the real "opportunities" are illegal hence I do not recommend anyone....

    Disclosure: I am 53. I grew up in a socialist system (Budapest) and have lived in the USA for thirty years. It has changed a lot and I have both perspectives.

  4. AGREED. But people would rather dream of that better future, even if they never attain it, just look at Joe the Plumber, he's the ultimate loser...and he's concerning himself with people who make over 250k.

    The USA makes more sense for me because I've attained my financial objectives and living in Europe just didn't make sense, financially speaking. I'll concede though that Healthcare in France makes the US look like a third world country.
  5. Liberals, leftists and the media love to focus exclusively on Federal income tax rates. What about property taxes? In Europe they're far lower. We also have state taxes-in some states they're pretty darn high.

    As far as public transportation I know this: London's Tube shuts down just past midnight, the subways in NYC and Chicago are 24/7........
  6. The US rules Europe. I lived in both France and Germany. I'll never succumb to this crap that Europe has a higher standard of living.
  7. There are no tent cities in France.

    Besides the ones full with drunken British that is.:D
  8. It's the same way I bristle when dumb ass Americans parrot, "Europe hates us because of Bush. Europe LOVES Obama". Of course they do. The same way Americans and Euro-peons dislike Putin. Anyone who'll lead a weaker America or Russia gets kudos from the left. They hate us because of our gross consumption and our superior standard of living. Europe would be PUMPED to see us living in the same squaller as them.

    Litmus test question: If an intelligent, well educated, articulate Turk or Algerian was running in Germany or France what percentage of the vote nationally would he get? :p
  9. Excellent point : Europe are systemic racists. The US was, is and will remain the land of opportunity. This country is color blind. I'll repeat it till Black people's ears bleed.

    Of course, the left wing of the democratic party are hand-holding Kumbaya singing PETA types., but how much influence do thy have over defense policy, zilch
    The only thing that scares me is the social issues, but with Roberts firmly in control, they can't pass anything outrageous. Even Gay marriage looks like a loser in CA
  10. Excellent post pabst, you're absolutely 100% right!

    We would still benefit from Universal Healthcare (it is excellent in France and it is cheaper too), better public transportation system (good for environment, traffic jams and oil prices) and perhaps free college education though. :D
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