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  1. Motrader


    If anyone has traded or is trading with a prop firm in Dallas, I would very much like to meet you. Please respond via PM. TIA
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  2. wabrew


    AJ5 can you tell me what firm? I live in NE and may move to Austin sometime.
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  4. Odgnut


    Trading out of San Antonio since 1999. PM if any locals want to get together.
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  5. Maverick74


    Calling out to all the Texas traders, Houston in particular. Can some of you guys give me the scoop on the Woodlands? I can't figure it out. Real Estate is so freaking cheap here. Now granted I know that TX real estate in general has always been cheap, but come on man, this is ridiculous. For the price of a one bedroom condo in Chicago in a shitty crime ridden hood, you can get a McMansion with a pool on a huge lot in one of the nicer hoods in Houston (Woodlands). So someone tell me the catch. And don't say it's hot because all of TX is hot. I am asking specifically about the Woodlands.

    I mean seriously, look at this pic and tell me this could not pass for South, FL.

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  6. property tax my man... property tax....
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  7. Maverick74


    No, still doesn't add up. We are not comparing TX to NY. But TX to TX. Property taxes are high all over TX. Look at Austin and then look at the home prices there. TX has no state income taxes so they buffer against the property taxes. I still am not getting it.
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  8. Hurricane!
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  9. Maverick74


    In Woodlands? Are you serious? The Woodlands is like 30 miles north of Houston. And Houston is like 40 miles from the Gulf.
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  10. Nope, property taxes are not high compared to other places I have lived (Florida, New York and New Jersey).

    In fact, if you take into account there is no state income tax, property taxes could be even higher and you would still be a net winner compared to many other states.
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