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  1. volente_00


    "Galleria area"

    That is the worst traffic I have ever seen on on a Friday at 5:00.
    I bought a z28 from a guy about 6 years ago and he had the bright idea that I would pick the car up from him there.
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  2. I've been thinking about moving put that way, but after talking to some buddies that moved near Waco, I'm not so sure.

    "How's the weather?"

    "Not bad, real hot, it's 90, but with the wind chill factor, it's 105."
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  3. volente_00


    You don't want to move to Waco. it sucks. There are much better cities such as houston, dallas, or austin, or even the woodlands. round rock, or bedford/hurst if big city life is not your thing.
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  4. Bsulli


    Now that was damn funny, rofl :D

    Actually we were partying yesterday afternoon with about 20 friends at our place and I didn't have time to finish my original post.

    Garland, Texas outside of Dallas.
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  5. Austin, moving to Elgin.
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  6. gemini19


    Near DFW airport, pm if you wanna hook up
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  7. Houston Traders PM me if you want to hookup... Lets go get some drinks. My Aim is ChaosNSX
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  8. Denton.. hippy college town 30 miles north of downtown dallas. Lots of beer drinking and shitloads of young hot girls!!!
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  9. acejeff5


    i trade equities for a firm in Austin, T.X. :D
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  10. austin via NYC
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