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    Am going to look to buy North of I-10 to US290, maybe somewhere in the middle and US281 to Brazos River, the land values picking up west of I-35 cause of railroad deal going in somewhere in that area. But am in no rush. Want to stay away from Houston, traffic is relentless.
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    Same here love them ascending wedge setups on "stocks in play" for the day. Also Flag breakouts. Mostly trade in the direction of the gap if its not a "gap n crap" ...yes this stuff works as long as you keep a stop on bottom of the consolidation and dont size in over your head!
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    Hill Country is my favorite part of Texas! Between BUDA and SA is perfect
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  4. Hi Cmoss,

    Buda, Kyle and San Marcos are getting built up amazingly fast...maybe better to slide a bit west over toward Blanco, Johnson City, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg...
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  5. Be careful.

    Two weeks ago, Houston had 20 inches of rain in one day and there was flooding everywhere.
    There was a man on tv that said he lived 7 miles from the Brazos River and his home was under 4 feet of water. He said he never had any idea flooding would travel that far. I would have to agree.

    They also had flooding similar to this last year, along the Brazos River. It seems to be an annual event. Be careful where you buy and check the flood plain.

    BTW, I live in the Dallas / FT Worth area.
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    Thank you, good advise. I was going to check before I buy about if Flood insurance needed, cause if it is, then it is needed, have a good friend who works in corporate for large insurance company, so was going to contact him. You want to water rights like a river but don't want the river to claim your land as rights, LOL

    I was guessing you lived near the Cowboys, are they preparing anyone yet when Romo goes down again?
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    Unfortunately my 9-5 is keeping me here in Plano, one day maybe :)
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  8. Yeah, I live in Arlington. Home of the Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

    I sure hope Romo does better this year. He's a good quarterback, when he is healthy....lol....
    I have been here since 2003 and every year they talk about 'this being the year for the Superbowl'. And every year there is another dramatic event to throw a cog in the wheel.

    If it's not Terrell Owens, its Michael Sam or Josh Brent. If you get past the personnel issues, you got problems with the Offensive line protecting Romo. They fix that and the next year it's the Defensive line that can't hold the opposition. They fix that and the next year it's an issue with Receivers.

    They never seem to get it together and when they do, Romo breaks his shoulder.
    If it's not his shoulder it's his back, his ribs or neck. He is 36 years old, he won't last much longer. 36 is ancient for football. But...I think Jerry Jones signed a contract to keep him until he is 41 or 42. I don't see it happening.

    They got a new quarterback this year from Mississippi State, Dak Prescott. I think he will be 3rd or 4th in the lineup. I hope he does well.

    I hope they do better this year. I thought that was going to happen last year though. They won 2 of 4 preseason games and won their first 2 games and then Romo went down and they finished the year with 4 wins. That's not very good for America's Team.........lol

    And Dez Bryant was out for most of the year too.

    I wish they would do better, but you know what a wish sandwich is.... when you got two pieces of bread and wish you had something between them. I hope we find a little meat in the Cowboys this year.

    But, I honestly don't think things will change unless Jerry Jones gives up day to day management to his son Stephen.

    At least we can count on the Cheerleaders to look good year after year !

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    Interested in meeting with other full-time traders here in the San Antonio area. I trade equities but have some experience with futures. If you are an independent trader or co-locate out of a prop send me a message.
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