Texas Traders - trying this again...

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by EEUT84, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. EEUT84


    Anyone in Texas trading full-time that is up for chatting and a possible meet-up? Dallas, Houston, Austin, SA, etc...?

    More looking for active traders in the market (preferrably making money), not those wanting coaching, but I wouldn't turn down a good trading convo either way :)

  2. zxd


    Hey there, I'm living in Austin, I'm a CPA (licensed in Cali) working full time as an accountant but trading on the side, be interested in talking with ya
  3. I'm in Houston.
  4. Close to Houston.
  5. Austin full-time trader here. Forex mainly and some Options.
  6. kpatter


    dallas here
  7. StevoBevo


    Right outside Houston, PDT on the side.
  8. Hook 'em!
  9. I live in the Dallas area and would love to meet up or talk trading
  10. EEUT84


    Dallas here as well, ex-Austinite though. Equities trader. I'd be interested in a Dallas meet-up if anyone else is; I do drive around the state a bit and wouldn't mind meeting some of ya'll in Houston/Austin/etc. as well

    Good to see I brought a few TX lurkers out!
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