Texas to drink urine cause of the drought.

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  1. Texas is now in the midst of its worst-ever one-year drought. Austin, Texas' capital, has received less than two inches of rain since October, a period that would normally see 18 inches. Here are just a few of the impacts of the state's ongoing drought, which is entirely consonant with the northward march of the world's subtropical deserts that will continue, unabated, as climate change intensifies:

    Inspired by NASA’s innovations in urine-drinking, Big Spring, Texas is installing a wastewater recycling plant to transform sewage into drinking water.

  2. God's just getting even with them. Just ask governor Perry.
  3. Living in Texas this is completely utterly irrelevant. What they ought to do is ban watering lawns to conserve water.

    You all can take your taxes, I'll take the 110 degree weather and filtered urine water. :(
  4. Up in the Nyc area were treated to A sewage plant failure that resulted in temporary polluted waters and summer recreation
    in raw sewage ... Couple hundred million gallons of fecal contaminated water.
    The reality from what I have read its if rain exceeds one half an inch it is
    Normal for raw sewage to run into nyc waterways.
    Can only imagine where that works its way into.

    May needed rains fall on Texas


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    Recycling sewage for drinking water is far from a new approach. The link is for a 2008 story about Los Angeles headed that direction.


    We'll be capturing every drop of rain water we can before long. Future wars will be about food and water.
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    They haven't done that yet? They ban/ration watering lawns here in ATL at the first hint of drought.
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    You're probably right, the world has been grossly overpopulated for decades and it's catching up with us.
  8. Other states without income tax and some with cooler weather.

    South Dakota
  9. overpopulated? what makes you think that? there's plenty for everyone.

    There's absolutely no reason for anyone to be hungry or thirsty.

    You should be rooting for more population, that way there is a better chance of survival for the species.

    But if you are worried about over population, I have a suggestion for you.
  10. All good states.
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