Texas tickets students for petty offence

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  1. It really defied common sense,” said Deborah Fowler, the report’s lead author, who found tickets issued to students as young as 5.

    The study also found that as school police staff grew, often so did ticketing. In Austin, for example, district police staff rose 31 percent over six years as ticketing climbed 50 percent.


    Is the Washington Post making this up? Now poor parents with a hyperactive kid are screwed.
  2. I've said this many times before but I'll say it again.

    When the UK lost money to Iceland the local council lost money. The police went around the town centre the next day giving people tickets for everything.
  3. I drive in California since early 2000, never get any traffic ticket until after the 2008 crash. In 2009, police tickets everyone, they were all over the place, not for public safety but to collect fines.

    In 2009, police became robbers. Their favorite hangouts were places where the speed sign was sort of hidden or in parts of the road with a sudden slope. I was obvious that their concern was not public safety.

    I wrote the court and got my ticket dismissed, and urging others to do the same.
  4. Whatever pays the bills no?
  5. So is the gifted kid. No ones learning in that environment.
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    A year ago or so there was a story on the local news about a traffic light camera. Due to the slowing economy traffic at this particular declined and the camera was no longer generating enough fines to pay for itself. The city removed the camera. Obviously it was never there for public safety to begin with.

    Oh and I just remembered reading recently that the FAA has dramatically stepped up enforcement actions (violations) against pilots in the last few years. A crew here in ATL was recently violated because 1/2 of one letter was missing from a fuel cap decal.
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    Watched a fantastic video with a leading Canadian defense lawyer. No reason to dig it up, mirrors the sentiment of the article. He was trying to defend Toronto protesters and basically implied its impossible to stop the violation on rights. They just charge them and if it gets thrown out so what. His only solution was to reduce funding to the police. Again echoing the article, if they have that much size, more toys, they will use them.

  8. Violation on rights is everywhere. Here is a California story.

  9. wrong that gifted kid is going to have to learn what the real world is like one way or another.
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