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  1. So, what other states have the BALLS to stand up against the Fed. Gov. and lay down the law?

    Don't be surprised to see a lot more Red States follow Texas.

  2. I believe Texas is the only state that could legally secede because it's a state by treaty. Every year that treaty has to be renewed.
  3. I will move there if they secede.

  4. Ours did not get out of committee. However, we do have a sizable number of gutless wonders beholden to Clinton.
  5. secede and the black king will rain his terror upon all texans
  6. Good riddance.
  7. I'd certainly consider it.
  8. Illum


    Same here, but lets be realistic. The federal government would never allow it.
  9. they need the revenue.
  10. You're not aware of 7th grade Texas History are you?

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