Texas Tech new #1 in college football

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  1. Finally a big win against the longhorns, fun game for a tech fan.
  2. One of the best games I've ever watched. Congrats to Texas Tech..... good luck against Ok St & Oklahoma.
  3. It will be fun when Florida beats them in the bowl champ game.

    GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Those teams are tough, if tech can beat both of those teams then they will be a legitimate #1, but we'll find out soon enough. But it's fun to talk up Texas Tech football this week.
  5. I need to rant----

    I can't believe another absolutely horrendous Big Ten team is going to go to the mythical national championship game and get blown out (Penn St.).

    Tech had a great win, but they will lose to either Ok st. or most likely Oklahoma (and if they don't then they deserve to play for the championship). But anyway---

    Alabama will lose to LSU this weekend and get smoked by Florida in the SEC championship game.

    That would leave Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and USC as one loss teams with a legitimate claim to play in the big game.

    Any of them would crush Penn St.

    Unfortunately, since the Big Ten sucks, Penn St. plays a garbage schedule and will undeservedly go to the big game and get blown out like all Big ten teams do when they play top programs out of conference.

    College football has to go to a 8 team playoff.

    This nonsense has to end.
  6. We've both got a big game to go and Tech and the Gators could meet up. Tech wins that match up by 7+ points.
    GO RED RAiDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well even though your predictions turned out to be not that good I agree totally with your last point.
  8. TT is, maybe, a lil bit overrated?

    Gators beat Bama and meet OKies for champ game?
  9. Your prognostication skills are highly overrated. Seems like Penn State crushed Oregon State, who thumped USC.
  10. Texas Tech gets their ass whooped.

    Total route.
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