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  1. The following is a true story:

    Had lunch yesterday with a friend who has a permit to carry.
    Over the weekend, he gets pulled over for speeding in west Texas, I believe near Ozona.

    If you have concealed carry permit and are pulled over by a police officer, you have to let him know that you have a permit and what and where your weapons are.

    OFFICER: Sir, I observed you speeding

    FRIEND: Yes officer, I know I was speeding. (BTW-100+ in an 80 zone)

    Officer, I need to let you know I have a concealed carry permit and that I have weapons with me.

    Where do you want my hands?

    OFFICER: Keep them on the steering wheel. Let me know about your weapons.

    FRIEND: I have a 0.38 special in the glove box, a 0.45 1911 in my shoulder holster, a 0.32 strapped to my right ankle, a 0.38 ACP in a hip holster, a 0.357 Mag in the console box, a shotgun and 0.270 rifle in the trunk.

    OFFICER: Who are you afraid of?

    FRIEND: No one.

    OFFICER: "laughs" and says have a good one and try to keep it near 80.

  2. In a word, insane. Way over the top for self-defense purposes. Common sense says something isn't right here. Sporting a cache like that the FBI should have been called in to investigate.
  3. Yes, that would be the word of choice. Overcompensation would be a close second, not that they need be mutually exclusive.
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    Investigate what exactly?
  5. I don't know where you are from but guns are a way of life here in Texas.

    Most Texan's would be discussing the choice of weapons, caliber and type ammo rather than whether it is excessive or insane.

    Check out this video:


  6. Because it's so out of the ordinary to be so personally heavily armed. It begs the question, why? He's better armed than Mel Gibson in Mad Max. Why? That's a reasonable question when deadly firearms are concerned.
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    Sooooo what exactly is it you think should be investigated?
  8. Good for him, regardless of wether or not it's more than neccessary, I admire Texas for allowing their residents the freedom to carry. I'm in NYC, if you walk around with a fishing hook you'll get a ticket.