Texas School Shooting- the Liberals are quiet

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  1. The Texas school shooting that took place about a week ago has been completely swept under the rug by the liberal media. Why? Because the shooter is not white, he is black. Where is black lives matter? A black suspect doesnt make BLM any money so they ignore it.
    If you google image “ texas school shooter” , you will not only come up with this shooter but many others and the majority of other school shooters are black, not white. Who knew !!
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    There is video footage of what looks to be the Senior HS shooter beating the crap out of a scrawny freshman. Then he allegedly leaves the school, grabs his gun, then returns and open fires.

    The press conference by the assailant's family was appalling and the mother said something along the line of, God forbid he did not turn the gun on himself and commit suicide.

    The media covered it for 1 hour then when they confirmed the story and sources, stopped covering the story and removed footage because it doesn't fit their demographic or "narrative" if you want to call it that.

    They couldn't call it a 'shooting based on bullying' (as if that is justified, usually it just builds character) because he was first beating the crap out of the scrawny kid before going home, grabbing a gun and returning to school to shoot people.
  4. You start dozens of blacks getting killed by whites threads and this is how you respond to this thread?

    What a joke.
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  5. The Overwhelming majority of shootings and killings in this country are done by blacks. It has everything to do with black culture.
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    Emphasis added:
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    The list goes on and on; but I think everyone gets the picture by now.
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