texas republicans. you have to just shake your head and marvel at the ignorance.

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  1. here are some items from the republican party platform in texas:

    •Declares separation of church and state is a “myth” and calls for Congress to withdraw federal court jurisdiction over cases involving religious freedom and the Bill of Rights

    •Calls for teaching creationist arguments in public school science classrooms

    •Opposes the sale and use of emergency contraception and backs the Legislature’s war on women’s health programs

    •Rejects “any sex education other than abstinence until marriage” in public schools

    •Adopts a radical position that would essentially bar abortion even in cases of rape, of incest or to save a woman’s life

    •Advocates for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act, minimum wage laws and the Endangered Species Act as well as the abolishment of the Environmental Protection Agency

    •Attacks LGBT Texans as a threat to families and objects to laws that would protect them from job discrimination and hate crimes

    •Calls for further funding cuts for public schools following draconian cuts by lawmakers in 2011

    •Seeks to change the 14th Amendment to limit citizenship by birth only to those born to a U.S. citizen

    •Threatens federal judges with impeachment if they don’t toe the far right’s line in controversial court cases
  2. and the republicans always claim they made the USA the greatest country in the whole world.
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    What's wrong with that?
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    Some say the European socialistic countries couldn't exist as they do if they didn't have oil to sell...
  5. So people like Arnie wont be able to impregnate their maids and not take responsibility for their lewd acts of lust.
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    here is the democrat platform

    spend more money
    raise taxes
    spend more money after that
    make sure the cobbled together coalition of free loaders, radicals and public sector grafters get over paid so we can continue to sabotage the will of the majority of the country and be re elected.
  7. The 14th Amendment is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever to be imposed upon us. It has done more damage to our country than a nuclear attack.
  8. You have it wrong but assuming you are right
    at least they are not ignorant, dogmatic, anti-science, religious nut-jobs.
  9. Sure it is , what could be stupider than truly believing the proverbial "free lunch" is without cost.
  10. Wow. Definitely the stupidest thing I've ever read here. By a very very wide margin.

    So, the amendment that codified what the Civil War won - you know, freedom for the slaves, that little thing - that was the worst thing that ever happened?

    Interesting. I always wondered where the bottom of the pit known euphemistically as the conservative brain might be. Still looking for it. Haven't hit bottom yet, by the evidence.
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