Texas Real Estate Slump Lets Mexicans Take It Back

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Jun 25, 2008.

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    I guess from now on it will have to be renamed to "Tejas".
  3. Hilarious.

    All the whinging Americans banging on and on "Don't buy a house,the Real Estate market will collapse,won't bottom out for years..........." and the Mexicans are swooping in and buying the country up at rock-bottom - wait a few years and for the market rebound,then try and buy cheap property off them,no chance,they'll own everything AND IT WON'T BE FOR SALE.
  4. How long before congress bails them out?
  5. That's the latest cross-the-border scam down here in Texas. Buy property and claim to be a tax payer American. Then use that as a visa scapegoat program. And they take no shame in their stating the fact either. :)

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    A couple million here and there is hardly "buying the country"
  7. That's just the beginning man,there's a lot of heavily discounted property just waiting to be snapped up in all those neighboring States from California going east.Americans are so busy trying to squeeze the last penny out of the poor bastards who have to sell and then thinking am I still paying too much? - there's that gleeful bitch Olick on CNBC just waiting to point out the worst components of any housing figures scaring any buyers away yet right under our noses there are bargain hunters and they are moving in,good luck to them I say,if they've got the balls to go for it and it works out then they deserve to own their piece of this country.
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    You are correct, but it is not just Mexican people buying all over the country and not just deflated homes, the flatiron building, the Chrysler building, and a majority share of the Empire State building were recently closed on and I am sure there are more commercial buildings being purchased also. Many wealthy Europeans are also snapping up several properties all over the U.S.

    I personally would like to move to western Europe, possibly.
  9. you probably wouldn't be pleased ..
  10. ariba, ariba.....
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