Texas Pig Tasers 72-yr-old granny!

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  1. Saw that. He should have taken her to jail right off before tasering her. If you're speeding you're speeding, no matter who you are. I hate getting caught too but noone gets to give cops a hard time unless they're assholes right out of the gate even then
    you're outflanked. Just how much shit should they be required to take?
  2. The solution here is to raise the speed limit to 60mph, maybe even 70 mph. Conflict could have been avoided by everyone.
  3. Why not make it a straight 100 mph, just to be on the safe side?
  4. achilles28


    Thats bull.

    Its called the force continuum.

    Taze is one step below use of a firearm.

    Are you gonna tell me a 220 pound cop cannot physically restrain and handcuff a 72-year-old Grandma????

    Its excessive force. Plain-and-simple. Also, a growing trend amongst US law enforcement.

    Verbal command > Taze the shit outta' 'em.

    Besides the plethora of "coincidental" deaths resulting from 50,000 volts pumped into the human body (multiple times), the victim doesn't have the luxury of falling onto a cushy gym mat or caught by waiting officers we often see during the fluffed-up media demonstrations.

    No, the human body collapses in paralysis and free-falls onto whatever surface lay beneath - usually concrete or pavement.

    The secondary injuries can be quite severe.

    But who cares, eh? They "deserve" it.

    I guess the Sheeple want Judge Dread metering out retribution-style Justice on the spot.

    To hell with Jury Trials and the presumption of innocence!
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    Here's the video:

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  6. Awesome.

    What don't people understand? If you get stopped by the police you do what they tell you to do. If you have a problem with the citation you were issued you fight it in Court. You don't blow the cop off and say "I am getting back in my car".
  7. I agree. The cop writes a ticket, that's his job. Let him do his job and be done with it. He goes, you go, that's my attitude.
    That is why they have lawyers, plead that down to parking on pavement, pay your fine, no points, end of story.

    She set a fine example as a great grandmother (probably mentioned 5 times on the news).

    Old women are nuts, anyways. They should put her in a psych ward, hasn't learned nothing and pfftttt 72 years old.
  8. achilles28


    Oh, you like seeing old women electrocuted, eh?

    That 220 pound cop could have effortlessly arrested that grandmother using nothing but his hands. But instead, used force totally unwarranted by the situation.

    Where was the threat from that grandmother?

    Where is officer discretion and only necessary force?

    Better to torture a peaceful citizen who disobeys "a God".
  9. The cop grabbed her by the arm, and couldn't cuff her?

    Look at the size of that fat pig cop and then her size, not to mention the age difference...

    Then she is lying in the ground screaming and convulsing, and the cop is yelling "put your hands behind your back..."


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