Texas judge and sheriff preparing for civil war if Obama is re elected

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  1. Do you have to have a law degree from an accredited university to get appointed or elected to the bench down there?
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  2. Sales taxes are high 8.25%, property taxes are high the so called conservative city counsel has made numerous sweet heart deals with local businessmen that has cost the taxpayers millions. Spending is out of control and mismanaged. When a department gets a 4% cost of living raise, the department heads will give themselves and their secretaries the major portion of the allotted money and the actual workers will be lucky to get a 2% raise. There is a major lawsuit every year where the city is found liable and damages range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in judgements. So even though this is conservative central our city hall is mismanaged like most others.
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  3. That's what I was wondering as well. How do people say such things if they are actually educated in the legal profession?
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  4. I dont know the guy but from talking with people who do they say years ago he used to be a normal nice guy. Guess he overdosed on hannity and limbo, who knows what makes old guys go wacko.
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