Texas Instruments - going to reach more highs?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NewToTA, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. NewToTA


    I'm new to chart reading and I was hoping you guys on here can give me your opinion on Texas Instruments.

    1) I think I see an ascending triangle
    2) CMF shows strong accumilation 0.28

    If I do a fibocanni from the lows in July to the high in Aug 9th I see the current price is heading towards the 50% line.

    Am I wrong in thinking this could go above the Aug 9th highs and maybe up to the April 26th high?


  2. S2007S


    Thats good, I bought SMH on this dip especially after INTC was downgraded, made for a short term buying opportunity in SMH. Long around $26.50, looking for a small bounce back to $28.00. Will then switch back to SSG under $15.50.
  3. hajimow


    I don't analyze a stock the way you do. However I am checking every trades done on TXN. I agree with you. Someone is buying it big time. That started 3-4 days afterthe last Q earnings. It is like someone is ready to push it over 27 soon. Next Tuesday AH will be interesting. ADI will announce great numbers and TXN will also have a 50-70 cents bump.
  4. NewToTA


    Thanks for your input. What were you looking at to determine there was a lot of buy ins?
  5. hajimow


    There were strong buys when the other tech stocks were melting. It was down almost 50% of the other stocks yeaterday. It was reluctant to go below 25. I am sure something is happening. I was short first at 25.70 and then I covered at 25.08 and now I am long.
  6. hajimow


    Really something is happening. Strangely someone is accumulating the shares. Just look at the action on the first 3 minutes of market open
  7. NewToTA


    Looks like we might bounce back this coming week. Indicators are showing an oversold status and the candle sticks show a possible reversal. Unless I'm reading them wrong. But heres the latest chart.

  8. exaltedangel09

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    Oh my.. well I hope your putting money on this.. so I can eat/take your $ away.. it is zero sum BTW. and 95% lose =)
  9. NewToTA


    Thanks for the reply I think. I'm just doing this for practice since I'm trying to learn how to read charts so no money involved. What do you mean by zero sum?

  10. exaltedangel09

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    Heard of Google?
    Google expectancies of games and zero sum, you might just find out.

    There is no such thing as 'reading charts'. Your doing it ALL wrong.

    Argh... I guess we all have to start somewhere right? it's just.. you show no knowledge whatsoever.. which is natural for someone who's new.. but it's very painful to read from someone who's been trading for a very long time.

    what I think you need is to please read some classic investment/technical/statistical/economics books, then come back.

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