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  1. Looking to make plans for Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Tampa and So. Florida.

    Those of you with groups, and any individuals as well, please PM me or email to: donbright@brighttrading.net

    New trading stuff, same free dinner, magazine subscriptions etc., and will be including my local traders more this time around. As much as I'm sure you all just love listening to me, I thought it would be nice to hear from some traders "in the trenches" as well.

    And, I'm planning on "designing" each workshop to accomodate your requests this time around- so please let me know what you would like to discuss.

    Don :)
  2. I'm in Addison, Texas right next to Dallas. While I dont want to put up $20K or take the Series 7 to start trading I would like to know if you expand to my area.

    This wont be a shock to you Don but there are a ton of traders here in Dallas, TX.

    Lots of people around here still care about Oil & Gas by owning land directly and speculating on it daily via ETFs and Futures.
    I'm know they care about it even more in Houston.

    I'm not sure how many people you could get to become a Prop Trader by opening an office here in Dallas but I am 100% sure that you would be able to fill up classrooms non-stop. There are alot of "training junkies" here in Dallas. It might explain why Robert Kiyosaki is here every other week!

    There is a training company here called "ONLINE DAYTRADING ACADEMY". They are not a prop firm and they just teach basic technical analysis. They fill their classrooms up.

    I think your training has actual value Don so I wouldnt mind spreading the word if you ever open up shop here in Dallas.
  3. kpatter


    I am in Addison as well and agree that Dallas should be given serious consideration.
  4. No way! I am in Addison Circle. If I didnt spend all of my money at Zen Bar I could have open a prop account 5 times over! lol....
  5. spd


    Im in Houston, Id be interested in some Brightness.
  6. Great, I'll be happy to work with you and any attendees you might want to have join us. And, seriously, I don't expect everyone to become a Bright Trader - but I don't see the S7 as a deterrent of any kind...and I'm glad to reach out to help those who trade other places, always have.

    As I get more feedback, I'll start looking for a Pappasitos or similar to have the event....(ideas?).

  7. Great, let's round up some more traders and I'll set a date.

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    I'm in Houston would be like to hear some of your guy's who are doing well.
  9. Great, I'll post up more info as I put this together, thanks.