Texas, Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

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  1. OK, same as before...planning events for Feb 2009. Houston, Dallas and Austin.

    Similar to: http://www.stocktrading.com/austin2008.html but better with more trading technology and advanced tactics.

    I'm thinking either week of Feb 17 or Feb 23 would be a good time.

    1 event in each city....please help me plan this by voicing your opinion on dates, locations, and most important, your attendance. Send email to: donbright@brighttrading.net

    Thanks in advance for helping to make these events fun and informative....



    How many people are you looking to have at each event; minimum?
  3. 20 or so to plan it, we generally end up with 50-75 at the high end.

    If any of you belong to a traders group, such as Cornerstone, Investors Education Network, or the STA, let me know....we've worked together in the past, had some fun.

  4. Hi Don,

    Do you plan to journey to the Atlanta area anytime soon?

  5. It's been a while, sure...I like Atlanta. Send me an email with any suggestions on trading groups and/or locations. donbright@brighttrading.net

  6. I'm interested in attending your Dallas event. I'm flexible on dates.

    doug at blc-inc.com
  7. Don, do you need any hecklers in big D? I am available for a reasonable fee to make you look good by being an asshole. Short notice is fine. I'm well practiced.
  8. Don, ya'll trade futures too, right? If so, count me in for the Houston gig.:)
  9. sunny12


    I'm interested in attending Austin and will send you an email with details.
  10. All traders and hecklers are welcome. Thanks for the emails (for those already sent), others send to: donbright@brighttrading.net

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