Texas Church Gunman Killed in 6 Seconds

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    Well, he didn't, because he was a sicko.
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    The men who killed the shooter were from the security team, last I read. Not that members of the security team were killed. And I did read about the shotgun.

    At least it wasn't a Saiga-12. Would have been much worse then.
  4. Sorry, I saw this earlier today, thought it was in the Op's link. The shotgun was a pump as he says there was a "possible" third round in the clip below.

    The 2 victims in the Texas church shooting were members of the church security team, officials say

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  6. It seemed to me the guy reaching really obviously behind for his gun in direct sight of the gunman got clipped first defensively by the shotgun guy?

    Anyway, mindset of the shotgun man will make all the difference as to whether more guns saved or cost lives in this specific instance.

    Back to my movie.
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    He was carrying a shotgun, and when a another guy reached for his gun, the guy with the shotgun shot in self-defense?
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    I wonder if anyone has taken stock of how much ammunition he had left. That would suggest just how many lives were spared because of the preparedness of the defender.
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    There were three shots fired, it appears. Two out of the sawed off shotgun, and one from the defender. But after looking at the film it appears possible the shooter shot himself. The possibility of that depends on how many rounds his sawed off shotgun could hold. But unless he had more ammo or more guns, he could not expect to get very far as he moved further into the sanctuary building. So it may well have been a murder-suicide mission. I am a little disappointed that someone dressed like that, with a huge overcoat that could conceal things, would have been allowed to stand against the side wall unmolested for even a few seconds. How did he even get in with an outfit like that? Without being searched?

    Reason i say this is because there is a bright flash against the wall where the gunman was standing, just as he fell. So it appears his shotgun was fired a third time. On the other hand, it's also possible the defender shot simultaneously at the same time and hit. So both might be true. It's also possible the defenders shot caused the gunman to pull the trigger a third time on his shotgun, not aiming at himself.
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