Texas A&M +13 vs Texas

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sicktraderIV, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. I would bet that.

    have fun with the tease to 22', but be quick about it.

    will probably end up as one of my biggest bets ever.
  2. Teasers are losers, but I would much rather tease it down and take Texas.

    A&M's defense is abysmal. McCoy will make a last ditch pitch for the Heisman by torching them.
  3. One thing I think should be pointed out is that Texas has been extremely fortunate all year in their tough games. OU: Bradford KO. Mizzou: they were never very good, they lost too much, their coaching staff has done a commendable job this year. OKST: the implosion had already begun, Dez suspended, 4 picks. Kansas: talk about BIG distractions before this game, real big, that dude is huge. Texas Tech: just about everyone was saying Texas in a blowout, I didn't see it that way, I see this A&M game as a similar type of dogfight, but more of a shootout. Texas may be playing from behind. I really like this one.
  4. Not playing it, so I hope you get a cover.

    2 TD's is great in a rivalry game, just scared of A&M's pathetic defense.

    Best of luck.

  5. Thanks. My last few big hitters went the other way, really could use this one.
  6. Kyle Field is tough place to play. I know jack shit about TAMU this year. But I'll take the +21.5.

    What the hell happened to move the line that much? Very odd even LVSC opened at +21. WFT?
  7. Opened at 22.5 at some shops and now down to 21. Jumping on some now, will lay a bunch more through the week. Will certainly be my biggest wager of the year. Loved it at a projected 13, can't get enough at 21 or higher.
  8. Texas will drop 40 on them. Hopefully A&M can put up a few scores on a tough Texas D and keep it within the spread.
  9. Texas put 49 up, but A&M was also able to move the ball well and put up 39.

    Nice win Sicktrader. Hope you hit big.