Tex S. Hedge - the return

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tex S. Hedge, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Howdy folks. I dunno if any of y'all remember ole Tex, but I was here back in Jan to tell you all to load up on the day of the market bottom. Hope some of ya hopped on board for that ride!

    Well, for any followers of ole Tex, or just some followers of the almighty dollar (ok, not so mighty nowadays, but that just means ya gotta make more of 'em, right?), I'm comin' out with another trading plan of action to boost your net worth. Listen up fellas, and ladies too.

    This here market is gonna get fucked harder than a prize stud in breeding season. I'm lookin' at a move to old support from January and March at 1250 on the ole Spooz. I figure we gonna get ourself a lil bounce there, maybe 1300, 1325, even 1350 - enough to scare any shorts into puking their guts. You might even wanna pick up a few buys down there if you're feeling bold. But once that rally's done, you better believe me on this one, the market is gonna go down faster than a $20 cathouse hooker when the cattle ranchers get back to town on a Friday night. And we're not talkin a lil correction here, I'm talk a good old fashion crash & burn, maybe all the way down to 1000 on the S&P. I figure since we're comin' into crash season in October, you might wanna pick up some October, November or December puts around 1100-1000 on the S&P. XLF and XHB also lookin pretty bad, I'm short a truckload and after the 1250 dip & bounce, I'm gonna cover then reshort a coupla truckloads more.

    Just to be on the safe side boys, don't go crazy until we see the index break below 1240, 1230. But if it breaks those prices, then look out below, because people are gonna start squealing like hogs before the slaughter.

    I'll keep y'all updated as things develop. When the market gets near a bottom, I'll tell ya when to cover your shorts and bank the huge profits on your puts, and then give y'all a detailed plan on which stocks and options to buy in the panic, just like I did in January. Remember though, follow at your own risk - not everyone has the stomach for my kinda full margin Texas Hedging style of trading! But follow my advice and by Christmas you're gonna be able to buy yourself a whole dang fleet of Cadillacs.

    Tex over and out. Good trading y'all.