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  1. Ribs


  2. there is a more interesting study that suggests that it is the high level of testosterone (compared to an average level in the same trade) that increases his profitability for a particular day.

  3. roid rage is linked to excess testosterone isn't it?

    prostate cancer is linked to too much testosterone?

    i'll be rich but can't get a hard one

    ya, i want too much of that :D
  4. it still ALWAYS comes back to having a solid trading methodology. I don't care how much testosterone you have, if you don't know how to trade its useless (except for being able to break keyboards fast and effectively) :D
  5. maybe TRADE RAGE is linked to big balls :D
  6. I know that's been a big issue for me.
  7. No way! Testosterone is good for you (and your prostate)! Actually, having low testosterone is what will kill you: