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  1. Jayvu


    Hey there guys, I just want to introduce to you guys a trading software that has indicators on whether to buy/sell/ or short a stock. The software is only available to tradestation users at the moment. I am not trying to sell anything nor am I advising anyone to buy or sell any stocks. I currently work for a new start up that specializes in market research, and we are trying to get our software known.

    If anyone here is a tradestation user, or would like to open a tradestation account to try it out, by all means, direct message me or leave a contact here. We do not make any commission if you guys open up a tradestation account, so we are really not trying to sell anything. We are currently offering a 30 day trial for anyone who would like to test it.

    Here are some of our past signals:
    As many of you know we experienced a crash in September, but our software picked up a sell/short signal on the majority of the listed stocks, below is the picture that indicates that signal -SPY

    The software also indicated a buy signal for SNDK just about a week before the buy out by WDC, and a buy signal for RAD before the buyout by Walgreens.

    Attached is also the portfolio based on the software.
  2. lindq


    Gosh, software that predicts buyouts? Amazing. Brilliant. You'll make a fortune.

  3. Jayvu


    Never said that it indicated buyouts, just pointed it out that the software just happened to do so.
  4. Handle123


    You real need to contact Baron about advertising as you wanting to do a commercial or force something down throats of the unknowledgeable and them thinking it is good stuff. We both know if it was good stuff you be trading the hell out of it and not dealing with the public. But I doubt it has ample sample size and I doubt it not going to be great otherwise you be trading it yourself and hoarding it.
  5. If you are not trying to sell anything, why is the trial period limited to 30 days?
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  6. I signed up but nothing happened