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  1. Could anyone tell me how to get some charts of a 5 min timeframe going back a few years? I need to backtest a strategy for forex trading.
  2. The GTS charting package that comes with the FXSol platform www.fxsol.com allows you to do this. Sign up for a free demo to gain access to the charts.

  3. ok, could you give me more details? I instaled that trading station, but I dont know how to have it display 5 min charts on a period of one year. A little help please.
  4. Have you considered Tradestation?
  5. I just took a look at the site. Looks like just what I needed, exept that it's not free. See, I'm just starting in fx trading and all the money I have are in my trading account, I don't want to withdraw funds yet. All I need is historical charts, that shouldn't cost anything as it's just recorded charts of the past, nothing more.
  6. opw


  7. WOW, FXsolution finely fixed the automatic candlestick patterns
    recognition. Sweet... But the charts still have other problem, I did some drawings and minute later the lines disappeared. :eek:
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