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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aafwintb, Mar 20, 2001.

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    Could anybody give me advice as to what software is best to use for testing. I am a new trader, and would like to test some ideas I have for day trading the S&P 500, however most of the traditionally systems testing packages don't seem to allow for intraday testing.

    Thank you for your help in anticiaption.

    Aafwintb in London, England

  2. Commisso

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    I have only used tradestation 2000i, and it works lovely.
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    Thank you commisso for your reply. It seems tradestation is the only one that fits the bill.
    Take care
  4. mindgame


    May want to look into omnitrader also... it has the ability to backtest and forward test your ideas, as well as confirm 2 time periods (e.g. confirm 1min vs 15 min data) of your choice. Also added features are entry/exit specific criterias, e.g. exit a position only when a reversal pattern occurs, or maybe when a trade of the opposite position is signal, etc... without having to write custom programs for your software...

    peace :)

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    Thank you mindgame,

    I called the people at omni trader, and they told me that I couldn't design and test my own system with their software, I had to use their own systems. Now I have a problem with that, as their systems might not suit me personally.

    Wouldn't want to trade with a system that I am not comfortable with.

    Have a good day
  6. mindgame


    Probably a miscommunication.... Yes you'll have you use there built in analytics.. moving averages, stochs, ROC, pattern recognitions, etc... and most systems are based on this. Unless you planning to create a full blown program, like a proprietary logic, then yes tradestation is the way to go. But if you want to experiment with various built in TA's and their impact to the buy/sell signals (changing periods, using the optimize feature, etc..) i found that omnitrader is faster and easy for this with there backtest and forward testing feature...

    cheers :)