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  1. I'm not natively English. Yet my own appreciation about how I express myself in my second language is "above average". Others may disagree but I think there's more to vocabulary and grammar, which they test in standardized tests. The 3rd level: literature.

    And I think if you score high on literature in your native language, you score high in language. Literature is about writing "Game Of Thrones". Doesn't mater it's in Hungarian or Arabic, if you write that sort of things, you can write them in English too.

    Anywayz, how much do you score?

  2. Here's the book my grand-grandma used to teach literature in a village in the Carpathians 120 years ago: 1612629535536.jpg

    Relative to local, I'd say I'm in the 1% since at least 120 years now.
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    ape..no kill....ape

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    I need to work on my vocabulary.
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  6. You must me native. Must ... talk :)
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    Aqua, what is this ? It has nothing to do with apps.

  8. You're right and in a world that would reward this sort of insight (not ours), you'd get extra points.

    I've spent 20 years developing apps so my bet is on guys understanding what the hell I'm talking about, even if not directly related, falls on high IQ app development losers who realize they have unrealized sociopathic potential and think would be a shame to let that waste.
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    LOL. No, English is a second language. I just like languages.
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    I call phishing scam...

    TestYourVocab.com is part of an independent American-Brazilian research project to measure vocabulary sizes according to age and education, and particularly to compare native learning rates with foreign language classroom learning rates.

    Whatever the hell that all means. There's no reason to ask for month of birth at the end.
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