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  1. (Moderator please don't banish to chitchat till NFL kicks off at 12:30 ET because)


    Only half a dozen guys signed up? With the all the KNOW IT ALL'S HERE? LOL Figures.

    Well, if anyone is interested I set up a group at yahoo for Pro Pick'em. All that means is you spend about 2 minutes to get a yahoo ID (email) and you spend another two minutes picking the winners in the football games. Yahoo does the work for us and at the end of the year most of us can look at the results and go, "sheesh its a good thing I don't gamble. LOL"

    However, ;-) If anyone wants to pit there NFL handicapping Skills against others here for ET bragging rights in chitchat or for the free book for the winner, then this is the place to do it.

    For anyone that wants to bash this thread as an example of all the B.S threads cropping up lately, screw you. There are a lot of similarites between handicapping a full NFL season and what we traders do with regard trying to play an edge or some system.

    However just like with handicapping you have to overcome the juice (vigorish) i.e. commissions and the spread.

    Basically the Vig means you have to win 52.38% of the time? Seems pretty easy, just like trading. I mean a coin flip will get you to 50% right so how hard can it be right?

    Let see how many of us can't even beat a coin flip much less that 52.38 not over a week but over a full season, shall we.

    I will put up a Trading Book (a pretty good one) for the Winner at the end of the season.

    My guess is that most want to be football handicappers are legends in their own mind just like most of us are legends in our own mind trading. Lets see someone end the year having picked 65% or more winners "documented".

    Bet it doesn't happen. :eek:

    Anyone up to the challenge?

    the password to play is "trader".


    Group ID: 38685

    Group Name: Elite Trader Pro Pickem
    Group Password: trader
    Max Teams: 50
    Confidence: No
    Spread: Yes
    Ties: Yes
    Deadline: 5 minutes before each game
    Start Week: 1
    Exclude Scores: None - use all weeks
    Pick Set Name: Avalanche
    Reminder: Yes, on Friday
  2. Well now ya got 6, let's rock

  3. stumbled on this by accident, hit wrong favorite and saw this but im in.....
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  5. Ain't to many home boys on ET these days. Half the dudes on here are Euro pee on. They's all think football is that kickball in a net shit.
  6. Exactly my point!