test your awareness

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  1. I thought this was pretty cool to test your awareness.

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  2. One more

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  3. This one just for laughs.

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  4. Eight


    uhh, yeah, awareness.. I never had that, so far I've only hit one cyclist.. that I know of... when it was all said and done, the guy was an asshole that rode two by two on a blind curve and was forcing cars to go over the double yellow.. I decided that I wasn't going over the double yellow and the horn didn't work so I knocked the guy on his ass, he was a real jerk about it all but I never heard from any attorney.. maybe he learned something, who knows?

    Our educational system takes awareness out of us... people in primitive tribes that don't read or write would not miss any of that stuff... in fact you could show them the scene, take it all apart, and they all would be able to put it all back where it was..