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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by matt475, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. matt475


    Hi guys,

    I'm ready to take their test online... Does anybody already passed it? Could you tell me what does it look like? Is it similar to the Optiver tests?

    Thanks for giving advice...


  2. Sintra


    A few years back I did the test for Saen Options. Not a online one but the one at the office. It consited of 4 exercises.
    1)the very easy question, like 45+219 or 1/5*9/2 or 5.5/2.2
    at this test it is all about making no mistakes and be as speedy as you can.

    2)finishing number series. Finish: 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,

    3) test one but a little bit more complicated(no use of paper!);

    4) I think this one was a part where they asked logical questions and other every day use questions, but I am not sure.

    Anyway the thing is you have to do it quick! I have not done the test at Optiver so I can't say anything about that.
    I have done the test at Curvalue(Amsterdam) as well. This one was a bit bigger, like two days of testing.They were back then in the same building as Saen. I passed both tests so it is do-able.
    Funny thing: I think Saen is trading in Amsterdam now on the old Exchange floor. This is a very cool place to work in, at least better then in a gray building where they used to trade.

    If you have anymore question(or about the job) please let me know.

  3. matt475



    Thx Sintra, but the thing is the test is online so there is no point do test the calculation because obviously we can use calculator... ;)

    I ll take it tomorrow, I give you some updates... :)

    If anybodyelse has some tips, I ll be happy to hear it!!!

    Sintra you did very well if you passed both test, I heard this very very demanding, and they only keep 5 to 7% of the candidates!

  4. Sintra



    The job(Market Maker) is also very demanding, so that is why the test is so hard. Is it for the Office in Amsterdam? If so, then you could also try: IMC, Van der Moolen, Flow Traders(not sure if it is a Market Maker), Scrocca Option Trading or All Options.

  5. matt475


    Oh great Sintra, I did the test today, wahou!!!! was hard, but i will have my results in the next few days.... I ll post the results ;)

    Thanks for the names but I look for market makers or prop trade house in Europe, but I'm wondering if all market makers have this kind of test to pass because I'm not sure i did ok... :(

    Where are u trading? UK?
  6. Sintra


    I am trading/running a small company in Amsterdam. I used to work as a Market Maker but it was not my thing, so I resigned.
    I think Saen is doing a good job lately. The merged with a ict comanpy some time ago. After that they expended by hiring an other floor in a big building and just a year later they took over the exchange floor. Looks realy cool!

    Although I probably have to hire somebody(executing/ict) at the end of the summer, I will try to find this person in the Netherlands. So if you are Dutch...

    Have you done a test for Optiver or Imc yet? Those two are(at least they were one year ago) the biggest Marketmaker in the Netherlands.
    Think twice about what you want. Being a MM or working for a prop firm are completely different!

  7. coolcat


    So what kind of online test were there (for saen)
    multiple choice?
    what kind of problems?
    how much time you have?
    and so on