tesla storage option will blow out next quarter?

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  1. here is the 2020 Q2, On its page 6, the storage deployed was 413MW. Q1 was 260MW.

    But recent news (sorry I can not paste url here) on 24 and 26th of this months about powerpack includes nevada has partnered with tesla + edison to install large powerpack systems in which tesla supplied 555MW which easily surpassed 2020 Q2 already.

    Then few days later tsla appears to win to install another massive 1GW project in moss bay along with PGE and California. Those two alone appears to deploy alread 1555MW storage deployment if it is counted in next 2020 Q2 quarter?

    So this leaves me wondering if the next quarter is going to another kickass announcement at least from its battery storage unit?
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  3. everyone or at least i know autopilot or other self driving is a myth. but i dont care about that part and it is the least favourite aspect of tesla.
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    But a real money maker for TSLA: It costs you $3K to download the advanced version but costs TSLA nothing to sell it to you.
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  6. that is the part i care, lol.
    to put it simply. i dont like tesla's self driving but like the fact it sells well. true emotional disengement while trading, lol
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    Meanwhile, on that exact same day in the U.S. there were 4,650 rear-end collisions involving vehicles driven by humans.
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    Yup and many of those whose drivers were also not looking at what was ahead of them. Just about a month ago I was sitting in turning lane at a red light in Boca a good minute when wham a Infiniti SUV slammed into the back. Older couple - husband had a pile of paperwork at his feet (why, who knows?) that his right foot slid on jamming the gas "pedal to the metal". Stuff happens. But Tesla driver's do seem to make a habit of it, especially those driven by the under 40 crowd.
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    Well sure, it cost them nothing if you don't count the years and years of time and hundreds of millions in capital put towards an army of developers working on the software and hardware development to accomplish auto driving.
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    Once development costs is fully amortized, marginal cost is negligible, so what is there not to like? Even better than printing money. To print money you still need to pay for paper and inks.
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