Tesla Personal Supercomputer by Nividia

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  2. Me likes too!

    But what software is available that could take advantage of the massive computing power this represents?

    I'd seriously like to know, I'm running a system optimization on Tradestation that is taking me 2 weeks on a new Dell 2.66 GHz Dual Core with 4Gigs Ram winXP and that is only on the shortside I'll need to do the same thing on the longside and that is only on one data file of 8yrs 5min bar data. I'd like to be able to test things alittle faster!!
  3. Yikes! You must have a great deal of patience...

    Is Tradestation optimized for multi-core processors? If so, it should be able to take advantage of this technology.

    I'm actually thinking of building one of these things myself. Should be a fun project.
  4. Multi threaded or not, NO current software can make use of this stuff. So don't hold your breath - it's going to be quite a while before there is much in the way of commodity software that supports it.

    Software has to be written to run on the graphics processors that this thing is based on and that is far from a trivial exercise. How to write ordinary multi-threaded code for multicore CPUs is well understood, but this stuff isn't. Nvidia's library API for this is called CUDA. There is obviously potential, but IMHO it is very early days yet.

    The initial "killer" retail application for this sort of stuff is possibly video transcoding which is notoriously CPU intensive for hi-def video.
  5. There is some interesting stuff being done to run Matlab on a GPU.

    The product is called Jacket (www.accelereyes.com).

    I'm interested in playing with it, but ran into issues with Vista x64, CUDA 64 bit & Matlab x32.

    The appeal of the product for me is that it ports code over to the GPU in a manner that is more or less seamless to the user.

  6. Yes,
    I am patient but I don't know of any feasible way for me to test what I need to test.
    I am trading other systems currently but I'm always looking for better ones.

    No, Tradestation does not take advantage of multithreading/utilize multiple cores even though I think their website says that they do.

    So Im kinda stuck, If I don't get results on the short side test I'm gonna abandon the test and test with a smaller datafile and longer time interval maybe 30min bars or 60 min bars

    I'd like to port my system development to this NVIDIA platform but I'm not looking forward to learning another language I'm self taught Easylanguage and don't know a thing about C or any other language.
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  9. When you have trade station running your testing, bring up the windows task manager, click the performance tab, and check out the CPU usage History. You should see two graphs (graphing the load on both the CPUs) and if only 1 of the processors are under full load, then you know that tradestation is only using one processor.

    Another thing to note, is you need a better CPU, your 4gb ram wont be doing anything to help make things faster.
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