Tesla ordered to pay former factory worker $130 million

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    Tesla Inc. subjected a Black former worker to a racially hostile work environment and failed to take reasonable steps to prevent him from being racially harassed, a federal jury found Monday.

    The jury awarded more than $130 million in damages to Owen Diaz, who worked as an elevator operator at Tesla’s Fremont, Calif., factory in 2015 and 2016.


    Now many blacks will be keen to work at Tesla
    especially as an elevator operator.

    work 2 years ---> 'earn' $130 million
    it is worth the torture / mental distress / torment

    Unfortunately, the next torture / mental distress / torment will be
    how to spend that huge huge sum of $130 million.
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    I would say that in this day and age this guy just successfully milked the system. But then again, after Trump shun light on all that racist garbage, I'm more inclined in believing the jury's decision. Sad.
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    $130 million for words and pictures. Only in America. Thankfully rest of the world isn't following the US on this insanity.
  5. Now I wish my past employers had been super racist to me. But seriously, Tesla should use this as a learning experience and fire the racist dudes that work for them. Because I'm still bullish with Tesla, I'm considering this along with $BTCS as my retirement stocks, as they both have digital assets and are into blockchain technology, btcs just got recently listed on Nasdaq.
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    130mil it's a lot, but screw Tesla, I hope it will set an example.

    Blaming the "system" about this? lol
    The issue is racism, it should not exist, at all.

    The UK government also has forked money in similar compensations, not that much as this but still hundreds of thousands for some claim.

    Maybe those two governments feel the guilt of slavery more than others do. Good for them.

    The issue shouldn't be the pay-out, but the offence and abuse that some people get every day. Screw Tesla and fuck racists.
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  7. The case is just but $1.3 million would have been more reasonable. Making people multi-millionaires for two years of harassment so that they can retire to a mansion and still not work for the rest of their lives is a bit obscene IMO. At that point you will almost be encouraging people to look for workplaces that they can sue later.
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  8. Im shocked the employee was black and filed a discrimination lawsuit: That never happens.lol
    Tesla should appeal it. Unfortunately you have people looking for racial bias suits.
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  9. %%
    MOST likely appeal an excessive amount like that.
    With 20 /20 hindsight , some should have put up several posters = ''The black mom said black guns matter''
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    Not likely to collect $130 mill, or anything close to it after appeals.
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