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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thisguy, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. thisguy


    Sorry if this post is in the wrong forum. With folks here having both IBank, hedge fund, CTA, and prop trading experience I felt it would be ideal to pose this question to you.

    Anyone know much about Tervela's hardware? Is it fast? How many messages (say, per second) can they process at peak messaging traffic periods? Does anyone know the cost of one "box"? How do people who've used the technology feel about it? Reliable/consistent? Worth the $$$? Some of the information I'm seeking I cannot find on their website, maybe for good reason(?)

    Just trying to get a handle on the hardware end of trading specific technology for exchange/quote provider messaging, etc.

    If you know of other firms providing hardware-specific solutions to trading please post that information, or PM me directly.

    Much appreciated! Let the weekend being, and soon!
  2. tlx45


    I've consulted for a couple of prop trading firms that were interested in their technology. From what we saw the performance of their appliance was incredible. I definitely think that these feed handler/messaging companies are going to have to move to a hardware-based approach to meet the requirements of firms like my clients. Tervela's the only hardware firm that I know about. Unfortunately I can't give too much specific information because their NDA is pretty restrictive. You could probably just e-mail them, they've got a good presentation to introduce themelves.
  3. thisguy


    So, you had to sign an NDA just to get access to information about the technology? If so, that seems a little extreme. Are they that secretive about what their technology does?

    Is it easy to see presentation of what they do?