terrrible ES volume today/mon Oct. 29th-speaks to HUGE TANK or SOAR-wed afternoon

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  1. everything looking to the HUGE soar or TANK...wed afternoon
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    A mind blowing revelation...
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    what's happening wednesday afternoon
  4. ...thanks...yes, I researched the info out...wed afternoong the Fed wil cut rates by SURPRISE .50bps and market will go wild..also their will be talk of "not a recovery like we thought" to subprime issues and oil prices etc...bottomlin, ES will TANK or SOAR come wed and thusday
  5. Usually significant sell offs will come after increased volume spikes..this opens the gate for selling to come in and take her down. Smart money will sell into strength during high volume rapid price move rallies. The blowoff top move is what you want to look for and not a one day low volume top to sell into.
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    You realize I was being completely sarcastic?

    That's like saying "sometime tomorrow the sun will set and the moon will come out."
  7. ...Sir...but the volume is low and lower...how do you explain
  8. Volume is completely normal today so far, what are you even talking about??? We've had higher peak volumes than we did on friday.

    It sounds like you are trying to drum up some scenario in your head based on what you think or want to happen rather than really paying attention to what IS happening.

  9. not trying to drum up anything...I am very serious...please explain your case...thanks!
  10. I dont need to explain anything, look at your charts. Volume ISNT doing anything abnormal.

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