Terrosist Attack Toledo

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    Local News Reporting bomb on plane Toledo Ohio
  2. We must invade Ohio!! They are harboring terrorists .
  3. Is that the reason for the AG spikes today ?
  4. Local News still reporting Alleged Bomb on board American Eagle Flight 4359. Flights still permitted to land on other runways at this time. Sheriff Department has now informed State Highway Patrol to shut down Airport Highway.

    Developing ....

    - Spydertrader
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  6. Liz talking IPhone on CNBC
    Fox talking about cholesterol
    CNN has a Gerber commercial.

    Unbelievable. But if some guy chops up his mother in law, it'll be on for a month.
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    iphone is being hyped on cnbc...
  8. i heard the threat wasnt real,just a nut job needing attention.
    i wonder if they would even tell us if it was real?
  9. Seems like a non issue, WTOL has even cut the story and gone back to regular programming.
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    markets in rally mode.
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