Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims

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  1. Madrid Airport bombing receives scant attention
    Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Thursday, January 4, 2007

    How many people who aren't news junkies know that Madrid Airport was bombed on Saturday? Relatively few I would venture, and that's because major western governments and their media mouthpieces don't hype terror unless Muslims are behind it.

    I personally only caught the story a couple of days after it happened on an obscure channel on UK digital satellite called Euro News. Operatives of the Basque separatist organization ETA packed 800kg of explosives in a car bomb that ripped apart the parking lot of Barajas Madrid Airport, killing two and injuring twenty people.

    Now imagine if "Al-Qaeda" bombed Heathrow or LAX. You'd never hear the end of it, the news would be on it 24/7 and entering an airport would be akin to checking into a concentration camp. And yet Saturday's blast was greeted by little more than bylines and muted dismissals by the mainstream media.

    Before 9/11 terrorism was seen through the prism of a criminal problem because fewer people lose their lives as a result of it than do those who get struck by lightening. There have been just 2,929 terror induced deaths since 9/11 according to the Bush administration's own numbers and more people every year die in swimming pool accidents - hardly the mega threat to western society that many have portrayed. Put in this context, Saturday's bombing would not have made the top of the news because like all terrorism that occurs in the west, it is extremely rare, random and, like murder, rape or theft, is impossible to ever truly prevent.

    But in the "post 9/11 world," the artificial creation and maintenance of the myth of "Islamofascism" is dependent on ceaseless obsession with the imminent threat of Muslim terror around every corner, and that's why something like the Madrid Airport bombing would have been shoved down our throats until kingdom come - but only if Muslims were behind it.

    Terror attacks like Saturday's become mere pre-cursors to the "and finally" puff piece if they can't be pinned on "Islamofascists" and the scam recycled.

    It's almost a national emergency nowadays if Muslims - God forbid - are seen praying on an aeroplane, and their every action being scrutinized as a foreboding for the apocalypse, which only breeds suspicion across all of society, has turned the land of the free into the United States of Hysteria.
  2. A lot of hand wringing going on in this post.

    It's pretty sad that you would equate an ETA bombing of a Madrid airport with an Al Qaeda bombing of Heathrow. If you can't see the (vast, both philosophical and socio-political) difference between the two, I am guessing (and this is just a guess) that you are a Canadian of Arab descent.

    Here's a hint for you - how many times has ETA murdered anyone outside of Spain?

    ETA terrorism is a Spanish issue. Al Qaeda terrorism is a global issue. Get it? The fact that the ETA bombing was not widely reported outside of Europe does not mean that it is trivialized. It means that it does not have global import.

    I would like to state publicly that although TT is a Canadian, he by no means speaks for the majority of Canadians, who would strongly reject his suggestions above.

    This post represents the worst of the left, IMO.
  3. There is no way for me to describe how sickening this analogy truly is. Of all the disgusting sophistry of the Muslim extremist apologists, this type of comparison is the worst. Because more people die in accidents, it makes it somehow less monstrous that even 1 innocent person's life was taken by a fundamentalist fanatic who thinks that it's his God-given right to attack others who choose to live their lives according to the principles of freedom and equality, and that for the crime of murder he is going to ascend to heaven and be serviced by 32 virgins?

    Is Islamic fundamentalist terrorism a 'mega-threat' to Western Society? I don't know... did you happen to catch the news on September 11, 2001? I felt a little threatened by that. Airliner into skyscraper and all, not exactly firing a few rounds into the air and shouting a few slogans.

    Oh, yes, I forgot. That whole thing wasn't Islamic fanatics, it was George and Laura Bush, acting in collusion with their daughters.

    Didn't some of these Islamic extremist murderers say that it was their stated goal to kill every Jew/every Westerner/ every American teenager/ everyone who doesn't accept Allah as his personal saviour/every woman who wears a bikini/every man who allows a woman out in public without a hood over her head? Was that just me? Did I dream all that?

    Oh wait... that must have been another plot by George and Laura Bush.
  4. traderob


    Of course it was. And all terrorist attacks are orchestrated by Bush and his Jewish friends in the CIA. Known fact.
  5. Equating an act of nature and accidents to acts of terror.

    The left truly hate the innocent and protect the worst of society.


    11,000 terrorist attacks carried out worldwide, with a total of 14,602 fatalities;

    Among the 40,000 dead and injured were 1,000 children, 140 teachers, 170 religious workers, 110 journalists, 300 government officials and 6,600 police;

    Worldwide, 34,780 individuals were kidnapped by terrorists in 2005;
  6. The left? What does TT2 have to do with the left? Nik is absolutely correct, he is a Canadian muslim (arab?) and terrorist sympathizer. I have a sneaking suspicion that TT2 may be another reincarnation of Wael but I am not sure.
  7. I was referring to the author of the article, but now that you mention TT2........

  8. Yes, I am a Canadian white guy who loves our freedom and liberty. I don't support terroism, secret jails, torture, overthrowing democracies, using WMD on civillians. All stuff the US does. If you can;t see tha tthen you truly support evil. What red blooded american solider wouldn't like to waste some 'towel heads' and torture them. Admit it. You hate their guts. But bush lies and says we "dont torture and spread decmoracy". You choose to ignore this and commmit evil.

    Am I allowed to have those opinions or those that threaten your ability to raise your family, gather food, water, all that basic stuff?

    I can't beleive how ignorant and stupid people are. If this was 1940 you'd be calling me a 'self hating jewish sympathizer'

    Or in 1960, a "communist".

    You are sheep who need to be racist. Admit it.

    Tell me who I should hate, what violence I should commit, against what people. Please, spell it out the error of my ways. Lay out your belief system.
  9. I noticed you intentionally evaded the problems with your original post. Assertion followed by evasion is the stock in trade of the fanatic.

    Yes, the US is the only country that had practiced brutal repression, secret jails, torture, terrorism, using WMD on civilians.

    Funny, isn't it.... the usual scapegoats are the Jews. Now those who hate the Jews the most are scapegoating 'the Great Satan' as well. When neither of these two groups are adequately represented, they begin to scapegoat each other, based on differences in their interpretation of Islam. The point is that they always need someone to wave a sword at. It makes you wonder why these fanatic Muslims are so discontented...
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