Terrorist threat in NYC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by illiquid, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Did Dumbya slip in the polls or something??
  2. Could be some prankster hack?
  3. whatever
  4. For those in NYC (including me!), be careful, please.
  5. yer never know....

    quad witching expiry day...mkt likes to move
    Standard Operating Procedure. No other economic news releases today. Same old same old.:D Time for duct tape and plastic?:confused:

    Yer never know....
  6. Fabricated or not... it still occupied our minds, and not in an uplifting way.

    Another victory for terror. :(
  7. especially since the market is sitting at the same lows as when the report was first announced as though it were legit.
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