Terrorist hunter: the extraordinary memoir of a young american woman jew

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  1. Read this thread before it is too late because she's now under legal attack for exposing the financial organisation of the 555 Grove Street in Herndon, Virginia and the moderators at ET will probably try to delete this thread, or modify it at the very least.

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    She is a True Sister, who we can all be proud of...

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  4. I read rapidly the french version. Not the whole book yet the beginning and the end but learned interesting things.

    She wrote her book anonymously to preserve her family now with all the details she gave and since she is related to governement agencies it was not difficult to know her real name (Rita ... I don't remember).

    At the beginning she told her life because it is very related to her cause today. She was from a rich jew family in Irak. When Saddam came in power he needed to gain popularity and accused her father of being a spy for israel whereas he was just a merchant, and till the end under torture he never wanted to agree with what he said to have never been. The story is horrible because they used to torture and violente also his wife for making him speak. When he died they tried to go after his wife happily one of the irakian soldier alarmed them and they escaped before it was too late.

    So she became a spy. And at the end of the book she realised that all the terrorism found its very root through a financing system with detaxed foundations like SAAR on the very soil of United States. She discovered that trillions of donations were made by one of the richest arabian people and that the arabian governement itself was also giving money to those foundations whose money then goes to terrorist groups. She gave all these informations for government agencies to take action. There was a spectacular action taken but only apparently because she said astonishingly the two agencies the FBI and above all the CIA were behaving oddly for example by oppressiong all the people of her group and not giving all the information to other groups that required them. Some arabian people that can now been proved to have a direct link with terrorism has been protected. She even said litterally that she is questioning herself who the ennemies are really if CIA hasn't made an alliance with Arabian Government and that would be tragical for the people of United States. She wanted to write this book for alerting people to her own risk that something is going wrong in the agencies.

  5. Strange I found the book on a library but can't find it online on french sites : is it censorship from french government I will check again in a few days perhaps the book is just too new.
  6. She also discovered that the majority of mosquees in US is controlled by this terrorist financing group because they have been lobbying to be the main controler and genuine moderate islam is then discarded. So endoctrinment can be really feared they are targeting above all the young muslims.
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    Anythimg to so with the 'concil' ?

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    Where is WMD bank ?
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