Terrorist attack in Madrid, Spain! Heads up!

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  1. Haven't seen this type of volatility since I cant remember when. Probably late 2002. DAX and Eurostoxx crashing as I type
  2. I had initially heard 65 presumed dead. Then recently updated to 131. Terrible.
  3. 173 confirmed dead.
  4. Absolutely horrific and raises all sorts of fears again about whether the same could happen here.

    In terms of cold blooded market analysis, while this may increase the risk premium, it should also lead to another flight to the safety of U.S. treasuries, thereby further reducing the cost of capital and increasing the present value of U.S. equities. Also, it makes a Bush re-election more likely, which should be viewed favorably by the market. We shall see.
  5. Just remark when they did that: near the top of the market .... they sell drugs to make money, they of course do the same in stock market. And it has been revealed in the past that the terrorists of many countries are now cooperating with one another especially with arab terrorists.
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    Exactly 2-1/2 years after 9/11/01... coincidence?
  7. :(
  8. Wow, look at that. You're right. Weird cycles here.
  9. Oh yeah and maybe 30 years later on the tape you will discover that the blood was orchestrated like Kissinger did it.


    The National Archives has released 10 batches of Nixon recordings totaling 2,109 hours since 1980. In all, there are about 3,700 hours of Nixon White House tapes.

    Nixon installed a secret taping system in the White House. Some of those tapes later showed a White House cover-up in connection with the 1972 break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office building. The release of those tapes, which Nixon fought all the way to the Supreme Court, eventually led him to resign in 1974 rather than face almost-certain impeachment and conviction.

    Also on the tapes, Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said they wanted to get some sort of peace agreement with the North Vietnamese before Election Day 1972.

    "The advantage of trying to settle now, even if you're 10 points ahead (in the polls), is you ensure a hell of a landslide, and you might win the House and increase strength in the Senate," Nixon told Kissinger in September 1972.

    "The question is, 'How can we maneuver it so it can look like a settlement by Election Day, but the process is still open?'" Kissinger said. "This could finish the destruction of McGovern."

    Kissinger later announced "peace is at hand" in October, but an agreement was not signed until the following January, after another U.S.-led bombing campaign against North Vietnam.

    speaking of the murder of more than a million Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge, Isaacson writes:
    "'There are only two men responsible for the tragedy in Cambodia,' Prince Sihanouk [of Cambodia chased by the Communists] has said. 'Mr. Nixon and Dr. Kissinger. Lon Nol [Communist leader] was nothing without them, and the Khmer Rouge was nothing without Lon Nol. They (Nixon and Kissinger) demoralized America, they lost all of Indo-China to the communists, and they created the Khmer Rouge.'"

    "It is not simply that Nixon was inadequate to the calling of the job. Many presidents have been inadequate. It is the fact that the strange, dark personality of this man carried no influence with the public. But at least Nixon was elected.
    No one elected Henry Kissinger to anything, yet the power that he gathered into his hands exceeded that of the president; indeed, it exceeded that of the Congress. The bitter truth of it is that under the hand of Henry Kissinger, the Constitution became meaningless. "
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