terrorism ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Humpy


    Looks like a tragedy unfolding in Algeria.
    Surely it is about time the politicians around the world acted a bit tough with the murdering terrorists ?
    The Algerians have stormed in perhaps a bit early but bravely.
    The politicians should in my opinion make it very clear to terrorists that 2 of theirs currently having a comfortable stay in prison will be executed for every kidnap victim of ours killed. Use their own savagery back on them. None of the do-gooder soppy stuff that is a huge joke in the world of militants.

    Perhaps the NRA could sell them something ?
  2. Lucrum


    You don't win wars by pussy footing around.
    You annihilate your enemy, along with anyone/anything that happens to get in the way.

    The ancients knew how to wage war, an art apparently lost over time.
  3. Eye of the tiger.:cool:
  4. Two words why we now lose every war we fight. Collateral damage. You can't win a war and care much about collateral damage. Say what you will, but it is what it is. If you're not prepared to unleash hell, then you shouldn't be going to war in the first place. There is no kinder, gentler way to beat your enemy into submission. There are no innocents in war, just those that survive and those that don't. You don't judge humanity during war. There is none. The very nature of war is inhumane. There is only complete victory or unconditional surrender. The humanity of a nation is judged by how they treat their former enemy after what's left of that enemy has surrendered. Before that moment...the more primal the better.