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  1. What are some good individual stocks for day traders to check when news comes out about increased terrorism, etc. I've been watching VISG, what else do you look at?
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  3. INVN, TASR as well as the obvious military-tech stocks. Like when the comanche helicopter-project was scrapped, but there still were considerable new satelitte-defense projects.
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    Cruise lines, arlines, hotel chains
  5. First off, this is a cold thread, man.

    Having said that, definitely cruise lines.

    I mean, could you not just imagine a big ol' cruise ship like Carnival way out in the open sea with about 40,000 (how many do they pack on those ships??) people on board...

    Suddenly out of nowhere 6 smaller ships (power boats?) make a bee line (beeline?) for it, LOADED with dynoMITE!

    Kah-BOOM! Kah-BOOM! Kah-BOOM! Kah-BOOM! Kah-BOOM!

    Down she sinks with the entire passenger load/crew... faster than you can say "Fade the Coast Guard and gimme 40 terrorist-lovin virgins in heaven."

    Upon the news, of course, short all public cruise line stocks.

    //shrug// - well... he asked!

    Saham "No I Am NOT A Terrorist So Pls Do NOT Kill ME" Ruach
  6. INVN is one I like to trade.

    InVision Technologies Inc. provides Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certified explosives detection systems (EDS) used at airports for screening checked passenger baggage. The EDS products are based on advanced computed tomography (CT), which is the only technology for explosives detection that has met the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/TSA certification standards. The Company also designs, develops and manufactures products used for weapons detection and for non-aviation applications, including landmine detection and maximization of timber industry output
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  8. INVN was acquired by GE.
    TASR has nothing to do with Homeland Security.
    Try ASEI.
  9. It no longer exists.
    It was taken over by GE.
    Where have you been?

    Try LLL.

    They are an electronics defense contractor that builds data-links for UAV's like the Predator and Northrop Global Hawk, as well as TSA Airport Security scanning machines, not too mention Military Aircraft modernization and Helicopter upgrade/maintenance.

    Any military platform that is being upgraded with sophisticated electronics, and LLL is there. The quarterly conference call is next week. CEO Frank Lanza is the best in the business.
    Recently acquired Titan Industries (TTN).

    I've been long this one since 1998 at the $14 IPO.
    Earnings continue to grow at 20%.
    Solid organic growth too.

  10. Hi! the ISE has a Homeland Security Index! With options
    Symbol HSX well its $HSX on CyberTrader



    The ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index includes companies engaged in contractual work with the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement agencies, or providing products or services for the following efforts: intelligence and warning; border and transportation security; domestic counterterrorism; protection of critical infrastructure; defense against catastrophic threats; and, emergency preparedness and response.

    The ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index was jointly developed by ISE and Cronus Capital Markets, Inc. (CCM). CCM, an independent and privately owned capital market research and consulting firm, provides specific research and support for the Index.
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