terrorism plays

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  1. Ideas? Appologies to the mods. I'm sure this topic was covered years ago.

    CPHD (Anthrax I believe).... ???
  2. The only good plays I know of are things like Romeo and Juliet - mainly Shakespeare. Nothing to do with terrorism though.
  3. What about Camus? He may have written some plays.
  4. Yes.

    Terrorism pays. And pays. And pays.

    Bin Laden is right.

    In the long run...
    It will easily defeat any morally bankrupt civilization...
    Like America or Russia.
  5. rickf


    I would think the best one could do in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack (or something that might be viewed as such) would be to sell futures into the news to help offset losses in your other equity positions.....were it me I'd sell the ES, ER, YM in such crises.
  6. Someone close this damn thread. You disrespectful young man.
  7. Buy defense stocks :D