Terror threats and trading...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snooptrader, May 25, 2004.

  1. yes, a potential impact exists. stop trading immediately if you get blown up.
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    Turn off your news reader, take a deep breathe, and just trade man.
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    If it's what to do to counteract a possible negative event crisis, that's simple. Don't overnight longs. Only overnight shorts.

    I simply go to cash at the end of the day, unless shorting. IMO the rewards are not worth the risk to long overnight.
  4. Just don't hold long over a weekend, especially a long weekend!
    Many Friday afternoons there is a dump into the close.
  5. Make sure your stops are always in. (A few weeks ago I had some MER options that were at a nice profit. Bang, power in neighborhood goes out. By the time I got back in they were red).

    You can always hold some OTM index puts as extra insurance.
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    watch, MAGS, mace,ipix when terror threats are likely . they run up when fear is greatest imo. when market goes up , they go down imo
  7. And if Osama Bin Laden is captured, and you're holding an overnight short, you'll be screwed royally as well.

    That's about the only "disasterous" scenario I can think of that would dramatically make the market skyrocket. Think of any others?
  8. not if you trade FX with a guaranteed stop!

    No other market gives you this!
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