Terror scare right before the elections.

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  1. Interesting aint it. I think so. I wonder who wins from the fake terror scare.
  2. Nobody pays attention to "terror scares" anymore. If there's a real event (a car packed with explosives, a guy with a bomb in his shorts, etc.), that's the only thing that gets peoples' attention these day. And if there's an actual explosion, that will scare the hell out of people. But "terror scares" don't scare (or benefit) anybody.

  3. After Furor Bush II left office many of his people went public with statements that they were forced to fabricate terror scares, falsify the threat level, etc. around election time for the benefit of the Republican Party who was deemed to be the most agressive against terrorism.

    Ironically it's the redneck Republicans (Furror Bush I and Furor Bush II) who instigate the stuff with their illegitimate wars which kill our children and civilians of other countries not to mention running us bankrupt(er).
  4. What does "Furor" Bush mean? Do you mean Führer? If so, calling someone a Nazi really doesn't mean anything anymore. Everyone calls everybody Nazis. Try and come up wth something new -- perhaps something you know how to spell.

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    Redneck Republicans?

    Y'know, I'll never pity any big city that gets hit by a terrorist attack again.

    In fact, I hope next time they hit Chicago or San Fransisco. Lets see leftist liberals running for their lives in the streets.

    I've had enough with elitist urbanites.
  6. Every teabagger candidates rally is becoming a mini beer hall putsch. Beating up on the opposition. Exactly how it started
    in Munich.
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    If omegapoint is going to write that type of hyperbole... lets go with something closer to the truth although still hyperbole

    and the only liberals left are the ones who want to being the ruling elite in a soviet style economy complete a Obama - Castro style failing economy and pograms against white evangelicals or the absolute slug losers who can't make it in a merit based system.
  8. Yet another "highly educated" liberal :p
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    Is that Kind of like this situation, where 6 leftwing SEIU thugs stomped on a black guys head while calling him a nigger, because he chose to support the right wing?

    Funny the first violent episode i can remember from a tea partier at a gathering of tea partyy people only happened 3 days ago, meanwhile violent racist left wing thugs have been pulling this shit for decades already.

    To be honest with you, it is incredibly sad that the overwhelming majority of left wingers can not tolerate black people, i wish you racist assholes would wakeup.

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    Omegpoint, you and noob trad3r, should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting racism, and terror.

    Please try to control your hatred of black people omegapoint and noobtrad3r. We were all created equal. You and your fellow democrat klansmen need to grow up, surely if a black guy can be elected president you and your violent racist democratic buddies should be able to hold off of stomping on black peoples heads for atleast a couple years.
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