Terror levels are a joke ...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Why even have these dumb-ass terror level threats? Isn't this just asinine? Besides, why fuck with the colors on a weekly basis? Either we are on-guard or we are not, but this crayola project our government has put forth just assumes that most americans are idiots.

    I don't need a color-code to tell me how "frightened" I should be on a daily basis. The first two colors (low and guarded) are a joke, because we'll never see them so long as they use this color-rating system. Furthermore, the orange and red are a complete joke because we keep playing with the orange like its going out of style. They raised the terror threat to ORANGE on St. Patty's Day (green) -- what the hell? So tomorrow I'm supposed to be on a level higher of alert than I was yesterday?

    Get rid of this stupid color system. Let's just face the fact that we should all be prepared for a terrorist attack at any random moment and accept the new world that we live in -- stop treating me and every other American like a dumb ass kindergarten kid with a handful of crayons.


  2. yeah, those bastards will pull some crap here, but lets see how they like getting destroyed in "48 hours" when sadaam won't leave.
  3. Couldn't they have just gone with the good ol' red, yellow, green?