Terror futures market back in business!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, Nov 17, 2003.

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    I will put up a G or two to play this. What is so "strange" about it? Very obvious you dont hang with traders to much, they make Markets on all kinds of shit on the floor. This is just another one of those markets.

    I going long and staying long...odds are the Arabs are close to doing something. If and when they do....go long these futures and short the US market.

    Welcome to the 21st centry.
  3. so "strange" ?
    Really in what world are we living in :mad: ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK let's make a bet than tomorrow there will a nuclear attack on New York City and that for more incentive the options will be multiplied in value if the bomb is just on your house so that your widow will benefit from more compensation huh ?

    And since the Pentagon can influence the events in the world, you can IMAGINE what profits they can make...

  4. Harry you are so sensitive. Please don't go into wheat trading where the traders place bets on crop failures, floods and all sorts of ghoulish speculation.
  5. Of course if humans are just assets, why bother ...

    So I suppose you agree with bets that there will be a nuclear attack above with for more spices the number of wifes and children that will be burned ?

    I suppose that Terrorists won't have no interests at all to buy such kind of options and influence these kind of events. And then why the Bullshit about fighting terrorism when one incites them to profit from terror ?!!!!!!!!!

  6. lemme guess, harry.

    you have less than $1mln USD.

  7. You have some lack of logic: "the citizen with an account of less than one million" means the set of all citizens that fit to this criteria - and statistics show that it is the majority but this is not involved as for logic.

    If you have problem with your grammar and logic go back to school haha !

    Conclusion: I can have from -infinite to +infinite :D

  8. I am wondering how these Bushi Pushi expect terror to
    end when they need to have some fun with it, or boost
    economy this way.

    The more bigger you make it , the more big it gets
  9. Boost economy or their own business ? Economy is not even boosting !


    "The panicky effort of the Fed to stimulate economic growth does produce what it considers favorable economic reports, recently citing second quarter growth this year at 3.1%. But in the footnotes, we find that <font color=RED>military spending—almost all of which is overseas- was up an astounding 46%</font>. This, of course, represents deficit spending financed by the Federal Reserve’s printing press. In the same quarter, <font color=RED>after-tax corporate profits fell 3.4%</font>. This is hardly a reassuring report on the health of our economy and merely reflects the bankruptcy of current economic policy. "

  10. (from the article)

    "...Polk said Net Exchange would initially limit the amount of money traders could invest in the market, so that people won't be profiting from violence or upheaval in the region...

    ...Former Admiral John Poindexter, who was forced to leave the Pentagon in part because of his association with the project, will not be involved in the market, Polk said."

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