Terror Alert!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by T-REX, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Baltimore Harbor is SHUT DOWN!
    I-895 also.


    Anybody in Baltimore on these boards?
    Local TV Station channel 9 is reporting.
  2. Has been shut for a while, and it haven't had an affect on the capital markets yet.
  3. What's the reason?

    - The New Guy
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    Maybe that's because Baltimore is NOT New York?
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    They are not saying except for "TERROR ALERT"?
  6. "We received some information a couple of days ago with a possible threat to a tunnel, nothing specific. We are interviewing people as we speak," said Carla McIntosh, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Baltimore. She said she could not give details.

    This is from cnn.com
  7. Announcement on CNN right now
  8. Cool, thanks guys.

    - The New Guy

    EDIT:Terror alerts are NOT cool, ppl helping ppl is what i meant....
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    I think that's because they need time to search the harbor/tunnel for bombs etc.
  10. Breaking News: ***based on ongoing investigation based on federal, state, and international investigations...
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