Terrible Jobs Report

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  1. - 63,000 construction jobs

    - 13,000 manufacturing jobs

    + 160,0000 service sector jobs

    + 13,000 government jobs

    As long as we keep expanding government by hiring clerks and expanding the service sector by hiring cashiers, even though manufacturing and construction jobs are slashed, I'm sure we'll be just fine.

    After all, we know where the real high wage jobs are.

    Why doesn't the government just hire even more than it has? We could be a nation of government workers. We could peruse each other's documents and taxes all day.
  2. Hash up; we can not let everyone know we are heading to a communist state. :D
  3. Forget the first post:

    Here are the numbers (culled from one of my other posts):

    Let's dissect it.

    "Builders cut 62,000 jobs, the biggest decline since January 1991, after adding 28,000 the prior month."

    "Service industries, which include banking, insurance, restaurants and retailers, added 168,000 workers last month."

    "Government Hiring: A 39,000 increase in government hiring boosted the payroll figures."

    "Manufacturers reduced payrolls by 14,000 last month"

    "The unemployment rate, which is calculated based on a separate survey of households, fell because 190,000 people left the labor force."

  4. How do you know the government expansion was due to hiring "clerks"? They could have been hiring analysts to help with the war on terror, for all we know.
  5. Any additional government hiring is bad.

    You don't think our government is bloated enough?

    It is a porker of a monstrosity of a beast.
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    The job # is wrong, why??

    because next month they will revise it back up to 148,000. This number isnt even accurate, every month they revise the number higher. I think the number is pulled out of thin air to tell you the truth.
  7. I understand complaining about increasing gov't jobs, but I don't understand your complaint about the service sector jobs.

    Are you an Austrian with a special love for manufacturing?
  8. yeah.... lets give away good jobs for "would you like fries, sir?" wtf
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    It's just a matter of time until we see a big drop in the service sector. All those Realtors and mortgage brokers can only hang for so long. I read somewhere that over 1/3 of all new jobs in CA over the past few years were in real estate relate industries.
  10. Service sector jobs are another way of saying lower wage, no or little benefit, economically more susceptible positions.

    The cream of service sector are in professional areas, like law, medicine, financial services and IT. This might comprise 5%. If it's any more, I'd be surprised.

    Most of the rest are cashiers, burger flippers, landscape 'artists' and realtorsTM.

    We're headed down the exact same road as Britain, in terms of real standards of living, and losing our manufacturing base.

    If we had political leaders with integrity and intelligence, they would realize that countries that lose their design/manufacturing/engineering/science base see their standard of living erode.

    But our political leaders are bought and paid for by foreign lobbies, comfortable in the knowledge that at least they and their families will enjoy vast fortunes.
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