Terra Nova Rated #1 in Trade Execution

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    The following is a press release from Terra Nova Online, a sponsor of this site.

    Terra Nova Trading receives second consecutive #1 Trade Execution rating by Barron’s

    Annual survey rates Terra Nova as being #2 broker*, overall.

    CHICAGO, March 18, 2002 - Terra Nova Trading L.L.C. received the highest ranking awarded for trade execution quality in a recent industry review by Barron’s. The weekly financial publication ranked 22 online brokers catering to traders and active investors. Terra Nova was singled out for its fast, flexible trade executions, and the range of offerings available to its customers.

    “For the second year, Barron’s has ranked Terra Nova at the top of the online brokerage community. In addition, we’ve been recognized for quality of trade execution, which is one of the single most important factors in a trader’s choice of brokers,” says Terra Nova senior vice president Peter Stolcers. Stolcers adds: “Trade execution is not a new-found mission for Terra Nova, it’s what we have always been about. This Barron’s ranking simply reminds everyone else of this fact”.

    “Our clients challenge the market everyday and we strive to improve their opportunity for success by enabling them to react more quickly,” says Chris Doubek, Terra Nova president. “The past year hasn’t been an easy one for online brokers and many of the customers who use them. We have thrived during this volatile market by remaining true to our focus. Execution and trader education continue to be the central points of our service offerings. Our growth during the past year has told us that this focus is shared by our customer base, which is why Barron’s has ranked us above many of our larger competitors.”

    Stolcers noted that the RealTick® trading platform created by Townsend Analytics, Ltd., Terra Nova’s technology provider, was, once again, a key component in garnering these high marks. “In addition to creating a system that is incredibly fast, RealTick provides our customers unparalleled order entry flexibility. When they combine this flexibility with the opportunity to take advantage of classes given by our educational partner, MarketWise Trading School, our customers understand why we say, “Don’t just make the trade. Own it.”

    About Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C.
    Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C. is a broker dealer and a leading Direct-Access broker. Their online trading services are geared toward traders and active investors. Terra Nova’s customers are equipped with dynamic real-time quotes and charts through the completely customizable RealTick software platform from Terra Nova’s technology partner, Townsend Analytics. Traders using Direct Access route orders to competitive markets and receive live order and account updates. Terra Nova was the sponsoring broker dealer of one of the most active ECNs in the nation, Archipelago, and remains one of its largest subscribers. Terra Nova’s clients were among the first to enjoy Archipelago’s premier access to the marketplace. Founded in 1994, Terra Nova is headquartered in state-of-the-art facilities in Chicago. Securities are offered through Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C., member NASD, SIPC & PCX. For more information, visit the Terra Nova Web site at www.terranovatrading.com

    About Direct Access
    Direct Access provides the flexibility to route orders to the most competitive market. It gives the control of the order back to the customer. Terra Nova provides Direct Access trading routed to ECN’s (Electronic Communication Networks) for NASDAQ® or listed stocks, where customers can see posted bids or offers, know when trades are executed, and quickly cancel or adjust unfilled orders. Because it offers Direct Access trading, Terra Nova doesn’t engage in the practice of payment for order flow, which can slow customer orders and result in execution prices that are not in the customer’s best interests.

    Pete Stolcers
    Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C.
    (312) 827-3658

    RealTick is a registered trademark of Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
    NASDAQ is a registered trademark of the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
    Barron’s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Co, Inc.
    Market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.
    * Another firm received the same rating.
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