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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by JD Kim, Jan 28, 2001.

  1. JD Kim

    JD Kim

    Has anyone seen this yet? Everything I have read on it seems great, but have yet to hear from someone who has traded on it.

    JD Kim
  2. I traded with them for 3 months. Excellent customer service. That was definately their strong point. I heard they clear through instinet now, so they probably have a much better short list than when I traded with them. But I didn't like the rt3 platform. It is very cumbersome. I think cyber has a better platform, so i trade with them now.
  3. I use the Investor product through Terra Nova. It might suit you. You are right, RT3 is a little overboard for some of us. Maybe after using this new product, I will make the upgrade. Give it a shot. I know they have demos.

    Also, Instinet Clearing seems good. I was not a client when they were with SWS, but from what I have seen on other sites they had some big problems.

    Good luck.
  4. Zinger


    Mr. Greenfield, Can you provide more details on your comment of "some big problems" regarding Terra Nove Online? Or you may point to the other sites which contain the information.

  5. Zinger,

    Actually the problems I was referring to were regarding SouthWest Securities. On other chat rooms and sites similar to Elite Trader, I had seen some complaints about the clearing firm. This is not uncommon. If you look around, you'll see remarks about all clearing firms (Penson etc.). Since I have made the switch to Terra Nova (Instinet Clearing), I have not witnessed any thing which I would classify as a problem. I only hope it remains that way.